I’m a California girl with French roots.  I’m a yogi, a trail runner, a long distance hiker, a gardener, an activist, a lover, and a mama.  I love to immerse myself in a world that is bigger than myself, grander than my own dreams and challenges.  My soul finds ease and clarity most in vast open spaces – above tree line in the high country, grand desert vistas, sweeping and rugged coast lines.  I'm comforted by crisp winter air, cozy fires, cups of warm tea, and wool sweaters.  And I'm brightened when I can shed all of the layers and bask on a sun-warmed granite slab.  I’m a stargazer.  I like to slow down, fascinate on the small and seemingly insignificant, and relish the moments between action.  I’m equally at home in the comfort of my small Berkeley home and in the big wild world.  Both feed my soul and complete me.